Sunday, July 22, 2012

Marching Band!!!

My summer so far has been crazy... i decided to participate in my high school's marching band... which has been so much fun... havng moved only 7 months ago I was heading into high school with little to none friends and it looked like a pretty difficult road ahead... then i went to the meeting for marching band... and my teacher said to the group... "guys this is a friends for life program..."  that really pushed me to join me marching band. Now i have many friends and have improved my musical education which has been really good for me... thank you to all the people in marching band it really means alot to me that you guys are my friends... update soon... love you all!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Moving can be really hard... i should know i just moved... right in the middle of ninth grade... but i have some advice out there for ya...
1) When you move just be yourself... sometimes you might want to lie and say something small thats not true that will make you look cooler... Just be yourself, when you are yourself people will see you as your true self... remember one small little lie will just lead you to another then another, then all of a sudden you are just digging yourself out of a hole...
2) Get right into the school work... it helps when you are trying hard and focusing on the school work then everything around you is not hitting you hard...
Any questions please talk to me or leave a comment and i will try to answer it...
i have gone through alot and know alot more then you think... i had to grow up really fast and it was hard.. thanks everyone during this move and thanks everybody in my new ward for accepting me... it has made things alot easier...

Friday, September 30, 2011

oh my gosh so i am now in 9th grade and i love it. I have done the tech crew at my school for 2 years now and i am now the captain this year going into my 9th grade year. This position is full of responsibilitys and can be very stressful when it is mixing in with all my school work. but i also know that alot of the people on the tech crew that are new to it are looking up to me and are going to follow my example i know my goals and i know there goals in the tech crew and i will always be there to help them.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Awesome Girl!

You will not believe what has happened! I was running for 7th grade officer so today I had to give a speech in front of the whole entire 6th grade. It was really hard because I am not very good in front of crowds and there are 92 6th graders. There is this kid I am running against and he is really popular, his name is Bryson. I am also running against Andrea and Nick. I learned you can't lie to get your way it just does not work. You should be friends with eveyone. I really hope that I win. They all did a good job so if they do then it doesn't matter I will always have 8th grade and my true friends. I tried my best and I believed I could do it so I really hope I can win it means a lot. If any of my friends read this thanks for supporting me as I went through the campaign.
Hugs to all!

Hey Everybody! I didn't disappear!

Hey guys sorry I have not been able to get too my blog life is super busy! But hey I still care all you need to do is just post your questions on the comments and I promise I will answer because maybe some of you are going through the same trials I have.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My New Blog!

I am SO excited to have my own blog. I would love to help others who have been hurt like I was. I would also love to hear any survival stories you may have to share. There are horrible things that happen every day. Together we can face it all and heal our hearts!